Montti, Lia F.

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

Senior Researcher CONICET-Argentina

Academic Education

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

2010 | University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

Degree in Biological Sciences

2002 | National University of Mar del Plata

Courses and workshops

2022. Introduction to scientific communication. Sociedad Argentina de Botánica. Prof.: Dr. P. Cabanilla y Dr. D. Fernández. CONICET-SAB.

2021. Human dimensions of biodiversity and conservation. Prof.: el Dr. C. Pizarro-Pinochet. Universidad de Concepción, Chile. Formato online.

2020. Tri-national Meeting for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest.

2018. Globalization: Past and Future. Online Course. SDGAcademyX.  Prof.  Jeffrey D. Sachs. Columbia University

2018. Ecological Niche Modelling. Online Course Biodiversity Informatics Training (

2018.  Workshop of Range Shifter Software, Prof. Dr. Travis Justin (University of Aberdeen, Escocia). Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina

2017. Google Engine and R for GIS. Instituto de Ecología Regional, Universidad de Tucumán, Argentina.

2016. III Workshop of Professional Women in Environmental Science and Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges in Latin America.  Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina.

2014. Legal regulations in Argentina on wild biodiversity, applicable to teaching and scientific research. Prof: Dr. C. Carmaran, Dr. A, Ribichich y MSc I. Kasulin. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011. Use of Geographic Information Systems tools to support the conservation and use of plant genetic resources. Professors of the Biodiversity International. Instituto de posgrado de la Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires. Argentina

2011. Tropical Ecology and Biogeochemistry, from Andean Cloud Forests to the Lowland Amazon. Pan-American Advances Studies Institute in Perú (PASI). Perú

2010. Introduction to Landscape Ecology in agricultural and Livestock Landscapes. Facultad de Cs. Agrarias, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina.

2009. Ecological Niche Modeling (theory and practice). Dr Karen De Matteo.University of Missouri. Posadas, Universidad Nacional de Misiones. Asistencia

2008. Experimental Design. Prof: Dr. Javier Casenave, Dra. Maria Bush y Dr. David Vilenca. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2007.  Bamboo Industrialisation Workshop. Prof: Luís Fernando Botero, Eldorado, Misiones Argentina.

2006. Ecophysiology of woody species: concepts, methodologies and applications. Prof: Dr. Tomás M. Schlichter (INTA Bariloche). Argentina.

2006. Seminar on Guadua and American bamboos: Introduction to the biology, systematics, anatomy, silviculture and uses of American bamboos with emphasis on the genus Guadua. Prof: Ximena Londoño & Luis Fernando Botero. Tucumán.

2006. Scientific writing. Prof: la Dra. Mercedes Rougés. Puerto Iguazú. Misiones.

2006. Botanical Nomenclature. Prof: Susana Martínez y Andrea Romero. Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires.

2004. Soil ecology. Prof: Pavel Krasilikov, de la Universidad Autónoma de México. Mar del Plata.

2004. Application of Remote Sensing Techniques in Geology. Prof: Daniel Pérez. Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires.

2004. Tropical ecology and conservation. Organisation for Tropical Studies (OTS). Costa Rica.

2004. Recognition of native plants of the Selva Misionera. Administración de Parques Nacionales. Parque Nacional Iguazú.

2003. Participation in the 2nd Workshop: “Joining efforts to monitor the Jaguar in the Paranaense rainforest.

2003. Water Economy in Plants and Ecosystems: Concepts, Techniques and Current Controversies. Prof: Dr. Guillermo Goldstein. FCEyN, UBA.

2002. Participation in the I University Workshop on City and Development. Mar del Plata

2001. Cartography applied and GIS. Universidad de Mar del Plata.

2001. Phytolithic analyses and their application in archaeological and palaeoenvironmental studies. Prof: Dr. Marco Madella.

2001. Integrated watershed management. Prof: Paollo Billi, de la Universidad de Turín. Mar del Plata.

2000. Edaphic biochemistry. Prof: Dr. Norma García Calderón, de la Universidad Autónoma de México. Mar del Plata.

2000. Fluvial processes and mass removal. Environmental Risks. Prof: Paollo Billi, de la Universidad de Turín.  Mar del Plata.

Scholarships and awards

for carrying out research activities

2013. International Cooperation Grant CONICET-CAS, to carry out research work in China. Ligustrum lucidum (Nv Zhen): Native and novel distribution, and its impact on Argentinean subtropical montane forest.

2012. ASAE Award of the Argentinean Association of Ecology, for the paper “To be shade tolerant or not: water and carbon economy in tree species of the Atlantic Forest (Misiones, Argentina)”.

2010. Highly cited author

2010-2012. Internal postgraduate training grant (post-doctoral) awarded by CONICET.

2010. Trustees Percy Sladen Memorial Fund. The Linnean Society of London. England.

2008-2009. Special mention ASAE Award (Argentinean Association of Ecology), for the work “Effects of Tacuarembó (Chusquea ramosissima, Poaceae) on the seed dispersal process in the Selva Misionera”.

2005-2010. Internal postgraduate training grant (doctoral) awarded by CONICET.

2005. Grant from the Rufford Foundation in association with the Whitley Laing Foundation. The Rufford Small Grand for Nature Conservation.

2002-2004. Research Assistant awarded by the National Science Foundation (USA).

2002. Distinguished Graduate Award. OCS N 264/92. Awarded by the National University of Mar del Plata.

for attendance at courses, congresses and exchange activities

2017. Scholarship awarded by Bamboo of the Americas (BOTA) to attend the ATBC International Congress, Mexico.

2011. Full scholarship awarded by the American Advances Studies Institute (PASI). To attend the international course: Ecology and Biogeochemistry, from Andean Cloud Forests to the Lowland Amazon. Peru.

2007-2010. Forest Ecology and Management by paper: Bamboos and lianas affect tree regeneration and microclimate in a Semi-deciduous Atlantic Forest.

2004. Training grant awarded by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Russell Programme. E. Train) to participate in the postgraduate course in Costa Rica: “Tropical Ecology and Conservation 2004-2”.

2004. Scholarship awarded by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) to participate in the postgraduate course in Costa Rica: “Tropical Ecology and Conservation 2004-2”.